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Chia Network develops a blockchain and smart transaction platform created by the inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen. It implements the first new Nakamoto consensus algorithm since Bitcoin in 2008. Proofs of Space and Time replace energy intensive “proofs of work.”

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It will make cryptocurrency

easier to use than cash

Chialisp is Chia’s new on chain programming language that is powerful, easy to audit, and secure. It will make cryptocurrency easier to use than cash. Reference smart transactions currently available are: Coloured coins, rate-limited wallets, and distributed identity wallets. Bram introduces Chialisp on our blog and you can learn more at

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DataBase Chia


We uploaded the Chia software database to the Internet.
Chia nodes will launch faster on your computer.
Click on the download link to download the file
After payment, the download link will be provided to you.
Copy the downloaded file to: C: \ Users \ (youruser) \ .chia \ mainnet \ db


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